All prints are museum quality and custom made to order. Prices are quoted on request. For more information or to purchase prints call (323) 661-7822 or e-mail: info@IANMILES.com.
The IAN MILES Fine Art Photography Compact Disc contains more than 250 Jpegs in the following categories: Celebrities, Beauty, Illustration, Fashion, Nudes and Black & White. This CD also contains a self-starting Slide Show for Windows with the following categories: Celebrities, World Faces, Advertisements, Magazine Covers, Illustration, Black & White, Nudes, Cosmetics, Fashion, Accessories, Catalog and Editorial. The photographic images on this CD are intended for personal viewing pleasure only. No commercial uses are permitted. For more information or to purchase Compact Discs call (323) 661-7822 or
E-mail: info@IANMILES.com.
For more information or to purchase IAN MILES' Video
"Fashion and Beauty: Two Approaches" by Ian Miles & Palma Kolansky
Contact: Image Partners, 10720 40th Avenue North

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55441-1430 USA.
Telephone: Toll Free: (888) 577-5330